Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2019-05-18 04:32 CEST

Basic data
Locality code: TFRY
Name: Frycovice
State: Česká republika
Owner: Research Institute of Plant Produstion
Region: Moravskoslezsky
District: Frydek-Mistek
Basic administrative unit: Fryčovice
Abbreviation: B/R/A
EOI - station type: background
EOI - zone type: rural
EOI - zone characteristics: agricultural
EOI B/R - subcategory:
Residence address

Nové Spořice 4987
43001 Chomutov
Tel.: 474629726
Coordinates: 49° 39´ 54.003" North latitude 18° 13´ 41.997" East longitude
Altitude: 267 m
Supplementary data
Terrain: Plain
Landscape: Built-up area, non-built-up area, marginal parts of municipalities
Representativeness: District (County) scale (0.5-4 km)
V od vesnice u vstupu do střediska ZD, dvířka na Z.
List of measuring programmes:
Code Type
inactive TFRYM Manual measuring program
Establishment and termination of the measuring site:
Date of establishment:1988-02-15 Date of termination:1998-03-31

Map of locality position