Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of terminated localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2020-10-24 04:30 CEST

Region: Dolnoslaskie

District: Zabkowski
District: Klodzski
inactive VCGO Czarna Gora
inactive VNRU Nowa Ruda
inactive VSOK Sokolec
inactive VSPA Spalona
District: Zgorzelecki
inactive VDZI Dzialoszyn
inactive VZGO Zgorzelec
District: Walbryzski
inactive VWAL Walbrzych
inactive VWIT Witkow
District: Jeleniogorski
inactive VJGO Jelenia Gora
inactive VSKO Sniezne Kotly

District: Dzierzoniowski
District: Lwowecki
inactive VRIZ Rozdroze Izerskie
District: Boleslawiecki
inactive VJEL Jeleniow
inactive VKLO Klodzko
inactive VLEG Legnica
inactive VOLA Olawa
inactive VWRW Wroclav-Wisniova
inactive VWRB Wroclaw-Bartnica
inactive VWRK Wroclaw-Korzeniowskiego
District: Lubanski
inactive VCZI Czierniawa
inactive VWLE Wlen