Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of terminated localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2020-10-24 04:30 CEST

Region: Kralovehradecky

Albrechtice n.Orl. - Hony
inactive HANO Albrechtice n.Orl.
inactive HBAT Batnovice
inactive HBEZ Bezdekov
inactive HBOH Bohuslavice
inactive HBOL Bolehost
inactive HCER Cernikovice
inactive HDOR Dobruska
inactive HDOB Dobruska-Belveder
inactive HDOS Dobruska-skolka
inactive HHAN Hanicka
inactive HHAV Havlovice
inactive HHLU Hlusice
inactive HHNE Hnevceves
inactive HHOL Holovousy
inactive HHON Hony
Horni Dohalice - Libcany
inactive HHDO Horni Dohalice
inactive HHKR Hradec Kralove
inactive HHKN Hr.Kral.-nam.Osvob.
inactive HHKP Hr.Kral.-Pospisilova
inactive HHVE Hvezda
inactive HHVO Hvozdnice
inactive HCHM Chmelovice
inactive HJEN Jenikovice
inactive HJAG Jicin-Agro
inactive HKLH Kacakova Lhota
inactive HKON Konciny
inactive HLAB Labska bouda
inactive HLAC Lachov
inactive HLAN Lanovka
inactive HLIB Libcany
Lovcice - Pec pod Snezkou
inactive HLOV Lovcice
inactive HLUK Lukavice JZD
inactive HMED Medvedin
inactive HMIL Miliceves
inactive HNAK Nachod-Klinek
inactive HNAN Nachod-Nad nemoc.
inactive HNAP Nachod-Plhov
inactive HNBY Novy Bydzov
inactive HNRO Novy Rokytnik
inactive HOHN Ohnisov
inactive HOHH Orlicke hory-Homole
inactive HOHZ Orlicke hory-Zaklety I
inactive HZAK Orlicke hory-Zaklety II
inactive HPAS Paseka
inactive HPPS Pec pod Snezkou
Piletice-Vekose - Trutnov-Hranicaru
inactive HPVE Piletice-Vekose
inactive HPIL Pilnikov
inactive HPOL Polanky
inactive HPNL Predmerice n.L.
inactive HPRV Prestavlky-Vrbice
inactive HRUB Rubinovice
inactive HRYC Rychnovek
inactive HSER Serlich
inactive HSEL Serlich
inactive HSLV Slavny
inactive HSML Smrzov-Libesice
inactive HSON Sonov
inactive HSHB Strazne-Hrib.bouda
inactive HTNU Trnov
inactive HTRH Trutnov-Hranicaru
Trutnov-Lampertice - Zlunice
inactive HTRL Trutnov-Lampertice
inactive HTRK Trutnov-Louka
inactive HTRM Trutnov-Mladeznicka
inactive HTRO Trutnov-OHS
inactive HTRP Trutnov-Porici
inactive HTRS Trutnov-Sestidomi
inactive HUHR Uhrinov
inactive HULI Ulibice
inactive HUPI Upice
inactive HVJE Velka Jesenice
inactive HVIT Vitezna
inactive HVLC Vlcice
inactive HVOL Voletiny
inactive HVRC Vrchlabi
inactive HZAB Zabedov
inactive HZDK Zbozi u Dvora Kral.
inactive HZDA Zdarky
inactive HZLU Zlunice