Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of terminated localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2019-11-15 03:29 CET

Region: Kralovehradecky

Albrechtice n.Orl. - Hony
inactive HANO Albrechtice n.Orl.
inactive HBAT Batnovice
inactive HBEZ Bezdekov
inactive HBOH Bohuslavice
inactive HBOL Bolehost
inactive HCER Cernikovice
inactive HDOR Dobruska
inactive HDOB Dobruska-Belveder
inactive HDOS Dobruska-skolka
inactive HHAN Hanicka
inactive HHAV Havlovice
inactive HHLU Hlusice
inactive HHNE Hnevceves
inactive HHOL Holovousy
inactive HHON Hony
Horni Dohalice - Libcany
inactive HHDO Horni Dohalice
inactive HHKR Hradec Kralove
inactive HHKN Hr.Kral.-nam.Osvob.
inactive HHKP Hr.Kral.-Pospisilova
inactive HHVE Hvezda
inactive HHVO Hvozdnice
inactive HCHM Chmelovice
inactive HJEN Jenikovice
inactive HJAG Jicin-Agro
inactive HKLH Kacakova Lhota
inactive HKON Konciny
inactive HLAB Labska bouda
inactive HLAC Lachov
inactive HLAN Lanovka
inactive HLIB Libcany
Lovcice - Pec pod Snezkou
inactive HLOV Lovcice
inactive HLUK Lukavice JZD
inactive HMED Medvedin
inactive HMIL Miliceves
inactive HNAK Nachod-Klinek
inactive HNAN Nachod-Nad nemoc.
inactive HNAP Nachod-Plhov
inactive HNBY Novy Bydzov
inactive HNRO Novy Rokytnik
inactive HOHN Ohnisov
inactive HOHH Orlicke hory-Homole
inactive HOHZ Orlicke hory-Zaklety I
inactive HZAK Orlicke hory-Zaklety II
inactive HPAS Paseka
inactive HPPS Pec pod Snezkou
Piletice-Vekose - Trutnov-Hranicaru
inactive HPVE Piletice-Vekose
inactive HPIL Pilnikov
inactive HPOL Polanky
inactive HPNL Predmerice n.L.
inactive HPRV Prestavlky-Vrbice
inactive HRUB Rubinovice
inactive HRYC Rychnovek
inactive HSER Serlich
inactive HSEL Serlich
inactive HSLV Slavny
inactive HSML Smrzov-Libesice
inactive HSON Sonov
inactive HSHB Strazne-Hrib.bouda
inactive HTNU Trnov
inactive HTRH Trutnov-Hranicaru
Trutnov-Lampertice - Zlunice
inactive HTRL Trutnov-Lampertice
inactive HTRK Trutnov-Louka
inactive HTRM Trutnov-Mladeznicka
inactive HTRO Trutnov-OHS
inactive HTRP Trutnov-Porici
inactive HTRS Trutnov-Sestidomi
inactive HUHR Uhrinov
inactive HULI Ulibice
inactive HUPI Upice
inactive HVJE Velka Jesenice
inactive HVLC Vlcice
inactive HVOL Voletiny
inactive HVRC Vrchlabi
inactive HZAB Zabedov
inactive HZDK Zbozi u Dvora Kral.
inactive HZDA Zdarky
inactive HZLU Zlunice