Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of terminated localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2019-10-17 04:27 CEST

Region: Stredocesky

Bast - Chrast
inactive SBAS Bast
inactive SBLH Belohrad
inactive SBTJ Benatky n.Jiz.
inactive SBNO Benesov OHS
inactive SBNN Benesov-nemocnice
inactive SBNH Benesov-OHS
inactive SBNS Benesov-Sporilov
inactive SBEI Beroun-internat KDC
inactive SBEZ Beroun-Zavadilka
inactive SBRE Brezovice
inactive SBRO Broumy
inactive SBUL Bulovna
inactive SBYS Byskovice
inactive SCER Cernuc
inactive SCJN Cervene Janovice
inactive SCJA Cervene Janovice
inactive SCIC Cicovice
inactive SCIS Cisovice
inactive SCIT Citov
inactive SDOM Domanovice
inactive SDUB Dublovice
inactive SHPO Horni Pocaply
inactive SHRE Hrebec
inactive SCHL Chlumin
inactive SCHO Chotetov
inactive SCHR Chrast
Chvateruby - Krakovany
inactive SCHV Chvateruby
inactive SJVE Janova Ves
inactive SJEL Jelenec
inactive SJEC Jenec
inactive SJEN Jenstejn
inactive SJIR Jirice
inactive SJIV Jivina
inactive SKAC Kacina
inactive SKKR Karlov-Krivoklat
inactive SKAR Karlstejn
inactive SKLO Kladno OHS
inactive SKLD Kladno-Dubi
inactive SKLB Kladno-Dubice
inactive SKLK Kladno-Krocehlavy
inactive SKLP Kladno-Peklov
inactive SKLR Kladno-Rozdelov
inactive SKLV Kladno-Svermov
inactive SKLT Kladno-Trebusice
inactive SKNE Knezeves
inactive SKIN Kokorin
inactive SKOS Kolin-Pisecna ul.
inactive SKOP Kolin-poliklinika
inactive SKOR Kolin-Riegrovo nam.
inactive SKCE Konarovice
inactive SKHL Kostelni Hlavno
inactive SKNY Krakovany
Kralupy - Melnik-ZU
inactive SKRY Kralupy
inactive SKRM Kralupy MKC
inactive SKRV Kralupy n.Vlt.
inactive SKRS Kralupy-stadion
inactive SKDS Kraluv Dvur-stadion
inactive SKMK Kramarka
inactive SKCK Kreckov
inactive SKCH Krechor
inactive SKUH Kutna Hora
inactive SKUR Kutna Hora
inactive SLED Ledce
inactive SLIS Libis
inactive SLBS Libis
inactive SLIB Liblice
inactive SLUZ Luzec
inactive SMBL M.Boleslav-Laurinova
inactive SMBM M.Boleslav-st.mesto
inactive SMEP Melnik - Psovka
inactive SMEC Melnik-Chloumek
inactive SMEH Melnik-Chloumek
inactive SMEM Melnik-Mlazice
inactive SMES Melnik-Na Slovanech
inactive SMEN Melnik-Na Vinici
inactive SMER Melnik-Rousovice
inactive SMEV Melnik-Vinice
inactive SMEZ Melnik-ZU
Mesice - Slany
inactive SMSC Mesice
inactive SMBS Ml.Boleslav-stadion
inactive SMLU Mlynaruv Luh
inactive SMOD Modletice
inactive SMUK Mukarov
inactive SMUT Mutejovice
inactive SNPT Nelahozeves-PTZ
inactive SNER Neratovice
inactive SNEL Neratovice-Libis
inactive SNES Neratovice-stadion
inactive SNVK Neveklov
inactive SPOT Potehy
inactive SPVE Prezletice-Velen
inactive SPRI Pribram
inactive SPRO Pribram I. - nemocni
inactive SPRN Pribram VIII-nemocnice
inactive SPRR Pribram-Rynecek
inactive SPRT Pribram-Trhove Dusniky
inactive SREV Revnice
inactive SROZ Rozdalovice
inactive SSAN Sany
inactive SSED Sedlcanky
inactive SSDL Sedlcany
inactive SSES Sestajovice
inactive SSIB Sibrina
inactive SSLA Slany
Sobehrdy - Zruc n.Sazavou
inactive SSOB Sobehrdy
inactive SSTR Stremy
inactive SSUC Suchdol
inactive SSUH Suchdol
inactive SSVE Svobodna Ves
inactive STAC Tachlovice
inactive STIS Tisice
inactive STSC Tisice
inactive STDV Tri Dvory
inactive SUON Uhonice
inactive SUHY Uhy
inactive SUZI Uzice
inactive SUZC Uzice
inactive SUZR Uzice-cukrovar
inactive SVVE Velika Ves
inactive SVBO Velky Borek-HM
inactive SVEL Veltrusy
inactive SVES Veltrusy-MS
inactive SVER Veltrusy-rozvodna
inactive SVTR Vetrusice
inactive SVLA Vlacice
inactive SVOJ Vojkovice
inactive SVSE Vsetaty
inactive SVLI Vysoka Liben
inactive SZAH Zahornice
inactive SZAP Zapy
inactive SZEL Zelenec
inactive SZNS Zruc nad Sazavou
inactive SZSA Zruc n.Sazavou