Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of all localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2020-10-24 04:30 CEST

Region: Prague

District: Praha 1
inactive AMAR Praha 1-Marianske nam.
active AREP Praha 1-n. Republiky
inactive ANRE Praha 1-nam. Republiky
inactive AMUZ Praha 1-Narodni muzeum
inactive ARYT Praha 1-Rytirska
inactive AVLA Praha 1-Vlasska
District: Praha 2
inactive AJMA Praha 2-Jana Masaryka
inactive AKAR Praha 2-Karlov
active ALEG Praha 2-Legerova
active ANUX Praha 2-Nusle
inactive AITA Praha 2-OUNZ Italska
active ARIE Praha 2-Riegrovy sady
District: Praha 3
inactive AJES Praha 3-Jeseniova
inactive ASEI Praha 3-Seifrtova
District: Praha 4
inactive ABRA Praha 4-Branik
active ACHO Praha 4-Chodov
active ALIB Praha 4-Libus
inactive AANT Praha 4-OHS Antala Staska
inactive ALEV Praha 4-OHS Leva
inactive AKRC Praha 4-sidliste Krc
inactive ASPO Praha 4-Sporilov
District: Praha 5
inactive AELE Praha 5-elektropodnik
inactive AMLY Praha 5-Mlynarka
inactive ARIJ Praha 5-nam. 14.rijna
inactive AONB Praha 5-OUNZ nad Budank.
inactive ARAD Praha 5-Radotin
active ARER Praha 5-Reporyje
active ASMI Praha 5-Smichov
active ASTO Praha 5-Stodulky
inactive ASVO Praha 5-Svornosti
inactive AZBR Praha 5-Zbraslav-Buda

District: Praha 6
active ALER Letiste Praha
inactive AALZ Praha 6-Alzirska
active ABRE Praha 6-Brevnov
inactive AOUR Praha 6-obv. urad
inactive ASVB Praha 6-OHS/nam.Svobody
inactive ARUN Praha 6-Ruzyne VURV
inactive ASAN Praha 6-Santinka
active ASUC Praha 6-Suchdol
inactive AVEX Praha 6-Veleslavin
inactive AVEL Praha 6-Veleslavin
District: Praha 7
inactive ADIM Praha 7-Dimitrovovo nam.
inactive ADOP Praha 7-dopravni podnik
inactive ADUK Praha 7-Dukelskych hrdinu
inactive ASTV Praha 7-Stvanice
inactive APRH Praha 7-U pruhonu
inactive AVYS Praha 7-Vystaviste
inactive AZOO Praha 7-ZOO
District: Praha 8
inactive ABOH Praha 8-Bohnice
inactive APRS Praha 8-CSAV Prosek
inactive ADAB Praha 8-Dablice
active AKAL Praha 8-Karlin
active AKOB Praha 8-Kobylisy
inactive ALYC Praha 8-Lyckovo nam.
inactive APRI Praha 8-Primatorska
inactive AROS Praha 8-Rohansky Ostrov
inactive ASOK Praha 8-Sokolovska
District: Praha 9
inactive ADPO Praha 9-Dolni Pocernice
inactive AHPO Praha 9-Horni Pocernice
inactive AJET Praha 9-Jetelka
inactive ALET Praha 9-Letnany
inactive AMES Praha 9-Mesicka
inactive ANOV Praha 9-Novovysocanska
inactive AHLO Praha 9-OHS Hloubetin
inactive APDB Praha 9-OHS Podebradska
inactive APOD Praha 9-Podkovarska
inactive APRO Praha 9-Prosek
inactive AROH Praha 9-Rohoznik/jesle
inactive AUNL Praha 9-Ujezd nad Lesy
inactive AVIN Praha 9-Vinor
inactive AVYC Praha 9-Vysocany
active AVYN Praha 9-Vysocany
District: Praha 10
inactive AMAL Praha 10-CSAV Malesice
inactive AJAB Praha 10-Jablonova
inactive AJAS Praha 10-Jasminova
inactive ANET Praha 10-Netluky
inactive APIT Praha 10-Pitkovice
inactive APOC Praha 10-Pocernicka
active APRU Praha 10-Prumyslova
active ASRO Praha 10-Srobarova
inactive AUHR Praha 10-Uhrineves
active AVRS Praha 10-Vrsovice
inactive AVRM Praha 10-Vrsovice MZP