Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of all localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2020-10-24 04:30 CEST

Region: Zlinsky

Biskupice - Malenovice
inactive ZBIS Biskupice
inactive ZDUS Dusna
inactive ZGOS Gottwaldov-jiz.svahy
inactive ZGOL Gottwaldov-Lazy
inactive ZGOK Gottwaldov-skola
inactive ZJAN Jankovice
inactive ZKRM Kromeriz
inactive ZKRK Kromeriz-Na Kopecku
inactive ZKRS Kromeriz-Slovan
inactive ZKRO Kromeriz-ZU
inactive ZMAL Malenovice
Maratice - Stitna n.Vlari
inactive ZMAR Maratice
inactive ZMST Mstenovice
inactive ZNAP Napajedla
inactive ZOTR Otrokovice
active ZOTM Otrokovice - mesto
inactive ZPIN Pindula
inactive ZPOL Polichno
inactive ZPUL Pulcin
inactive ZPUS Pustevny
inactive ZRET Retechov
active ZSNV Stitna n.Vlari
Tesak - Valasske Mezirici - obora II
inactive ZTES Tesak
active ZTNV Tesnovice
active ZUHR Uherske Hradiste
inactive ZUHT Uh.Hradiste III.
inactive ZUHC Uh.Hradiste IV.
inactive ZUHS Uh.Hradiste VI.
inactive ZUHM Uh.Hradiste-mesto
inactive ZVAS Valasska Senica
active ZVMZ Valasske Mezirici
inactive ZVMO Valasske Mezirici - obora
inactive ZVMB Valasske Mezirici - obora II
Valasske Mezirici-Hranicka - Zlin Lazy-OHS
inactive ZVMR Valasske Mezirici-Hranicka
inactive ZVME Valasske Mezirici-Masarykova
inactive ZVMH Val.Mezirici-hvezdar.
inactive ZVMS Val.Mezirici-SKLOUN.
inactive ZVID Vidce
active ZVSH Vsetin - hvezdarna
inactive ZVSR Vsetin-radnice
inactive ZZAS Zasova
inactive ZZIT Zitkova
active ZZLN Zlin
inactive ZZLL Zlin Lazy-OHS
Zlin-ANTA - Zubri
inactive ZZLA Zlin-ANTA
inactive ZZLC Zlin-Centroprojekt
inactive ZZLH Zlin-H.nabr.
inactive ZZLS Zlin-jizni svahy
inactive ZZLM Zlin-Malenovice
inactive ZZLD Zlin-Mladcova
inactive ZZLR Zlin-radnice
inactive ZZLI Zlin-radnice
inactive ZZLE Zlin-Sole
inactive ZZLT Zlin-Svit
active ZZZS Zlin-ZS Kvitkova
inactive ZZUB Zubri