Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of active localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2020-10-24 04:30 CEST

Region: Kralovehradecky

District: Hradec Kralove
active HHKB Hradec Kralove-Brnen
active HHKO Hradec Kralove-observator
active HHKS Hr.Kral.-Sukovy sady
active HHKT Hr.Kral.-tr.SNP
District: Jicin
active HJIC Jicin
District: Nachod
active HVEL Velichovky
District: Rychnov nad Kneznou
active HPLO Polom
active HRNK Rychnov nad Kneznou
District: Trutnov
active HHVL Havlovice
active HKRY Krkonose-Rychory
active HTRT Trutnov - Tkalcovska