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Organizational structure

Updated: 27.05.2019 12:00 CEST (regular update)

Allocation of responsibilities on institutions participating in compiling GHG inventories is one of the main pillars of the NIS. The main roles and obligations of the CHMI are: inventory management, general and cross-cutting issues, QA/QC, reporting data (Common Reporting Format, CRF), preparation of National Inventory Report (NIR), communication with the relevant UN FCCC and EU bodies, etc. Sectoral inventories are prepared by specialized institutions (sectoral compilers), which are coordinated and controlled by the CHMI.

The responsibilities for the GHG inventory compilation from individual sectors are allocated as follows:

  • Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) to coordinate the preparations of the inventory process and be in charge of the delivery of the requested data and text outputs;
    Ing. Eva Krtkova, Ph.D., NIS coordinator,, 24403 2422;

  • KONEKO marketing Ltd. (KONEKO) with responsibility for the inventory compilation in the Energy sector, in particular for stationary sources and fugitive emissions;
    Ing. Vladimír Neužil, CSc.,, 736 677 415;

  • The Transport Research Centre (CDV) (CDV Brno) with responsibility for the inventory compilation in the Energy sector, in particular for mobile sources;
    Ing. Jiří Jedlička,, 549 429 301;
    RNDr. Leoš Pelikán, Ph.D.,, 541 641 303

  • The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) is also responsible for the inventory compilation in the Industrial Processes and Product Use sectors;
    Ing. Eva Krtkova, Ph.D., Metal industry emissions,, 24403 2422;
    Ing. Beáta Ondrušová, Industrial processes and porduct use except of the metal industry emissions,, 24403 2706;
    Dr. Rostislav Neveceral, MES, Projections of GHG emissions,, 24403 2441;
    Risto Saarikivi, MSc, QA/QC manager, Waste sector,, 24403 2436;

  • The Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research Ltd. (IFER) with responsibility for the inventory compilation in the Agriculture and Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry sectors;
    RNDr. Jana Beranová, Agriculture,, 241 950 607;
    Doc. Ing. Emil Cienciala, Ph.D., LULUCF,, 241 950 607;

  • Czech environmental information agency (CENIA), with responsibility for the inventory compilation in the Waste sector;
    Mgr. Miroslav Havránek, miroslav.havrá, 267 125 226

    The official submission of the National GHG Inventory is prepared by the CHMI and approved by the Ministry of Environment (MoE). Moreover, the MoE provides contacts with other relevant governmental bodies, mainly with the Czech Statistical Office (CSO).