The yearbook ‘Air Pollution in the Czech Republic in 2015’ is the result of a joint effort of a team of members of the air quality staff of the CHMI, including specialists at branches of the Institute.

Data on air quality presented in this yearbook were acquired by the National Air Quality Monitoring Network in collaboration with air protection laboratories. ) In the previous year, the National Air Quality Monitoring Network was comprehensively upgraded using funds from the Operational Programme Environment to ensure that it continues to provide high-quality data on monitored air quality variables. All the data were verified and processed using the Air Quality Information System database, which also contains outputs supplied by cooperating institutions. These were mainly public health institutes, the ČEZ Group electricity conglomerate, the Forestry and Game Management Research Institute, the Czech Geological Survey, the Institute of Hydrobiology, town and city authorities, and other contributors. The database also contains information from adjacent parts of Germany and Poland.

Emission data are processed by the CHMI in cooperation with the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, authorities of municipalities with extended compe tence and CENIA, the Czech Environmental Infor mation Agency. Emission balances are prepared with contributions from staff of the Czech Statistical Office, the Transport Research Centre and the Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering. Other necessary materials were provided by the Military Geographic and Hydrometeorology Office in Dobruška, the Czech Statistical Office, the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic and the Institute of Transportation Engineering of the City of Prague.

The Yearbook for 2016 is structured with a focus on clarity and comprehensibility of the text. Emphasis is placed on interpretation of the measured data in relation to meteorological conditions and other factors that affect pollution levels and also on evaluation of the state and trends in air quality in the Czech Republic, forming the basic topic of the publication.

I would like to thank all my colleagues who contributed to preparation of this Yearbook. I would also like to extend my thanks to the employees of cooperating organisations for their contributions. Special thanks are due to the editor of the Yearbook, Mgr. Lea Paličková, for conscientious work in coordinating preparation of the texts and graphic annexes. I am convinced that this material will be a valuable tool for your work. We greatly welcome any suggestions and recommendations for improvement of the provided services.

Prague, August 2017

RNDr. Jan Macoun, Ph.D.
Deputy Director for Air Quality Protection